Directing Theatre Two * Directing Plays explores both the theory and practice of directing plays, with particular emphasis on textual interpretation. Don Taylor guides the student through the complex process of choosing a play, the working partnership of director, playwright and designer, the delicate matter of casting a play, the rehearsal process and everything which needs to happen before the production is up and running.


Actor is the main tool of director!


What is difference between Public, Audience and Spectators?

See Spectator's Directory


A Director Prepares: Seven Essays on Art and Theatre

A Director Prepares is a fascinating and thought-provoking examination of the challenges of making theatre. In it, Anne Bogart speaks candidly and with immense wisdom of the courage required to create "art with great presence." No other book on the art of theatre comes even close to offering this much understanding, experience and inspiration.


Must take Acting One before getting into directing class!
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ON DIRECTING by Harold Clurman In his writings as a teacher, director, and theater critic, Harold Clurman often comes across as the most approachable of the formidable talents associated with the Group Theater and the many versions of "the Method," the American version of Stanislavsky's teaching. Written towards the end of his long career as one of the American theater's most successful directors, On Directing is a highly readable yet deeply insightful look at the job of a theatrical director.
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Secrets of Acting Shakespeare: The Original Approach (A Theatre Arts Book)
mise-en-scene ... and MISE page at Theatre Biomechanics for Actors.

Are there "fundamental" (principle) directions: left from right, diagonal and etc. ?

The combination of space and time (chronotope) in part 3. Directing Time.

It's getting more and more complicated...

"Mise-en-scene" is a French theatrical expression for the kind of staging matrix one would find in a director's text with specific arrangements of time and space on stage to control actors, playscript and public.



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