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Part 6. The director and the Theatrical Space (textbook pp.245-301)

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The removal of the front curtain, the use of full white lighting, the revelation of the stage "kitchen" were only the beginning of a long list of innovations introduced by Meyerhold to the Russian stage during the brief time he worked at the Art Theater Studio and with Komissarzhevskaia. (53-54)
[ The Theater of Meyerhold and Brecht by Katherine Bliss Eaton; Greenwood Press, 1985 ]

At this time ( 1907) Meyerhold wrote that the use of suggestive rather than imitative settings would promote the intellectual participation of the audience in the performance. If everything is set out before the spectators ready-made, the audience's creative abilities are neither motivated nor needed. Therefore (so Meyerhold's argument ran), the settings should be kept to a minimum, each item being crucial and having an important symbolic and practical use in the production.

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"Along with William Ball's superb A SENSE OF DIRECTION, Director and instructor John Ahart's THE DIRECTOR'S EYE stand as the finest book ever written about the art of directing." [ amazon on The Director's Eye: A Comprehensive Textbook for Directors and Actors ] Well, here is a quote from the book:

"If you are to become an artist working as a director there are three studies which should be part of every producing effort. Two of these are obvious: the script and the actors who will bring it to life. The third may not be so apparent: the theatrical space."


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10. Costumes

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Method Acting for Directors
* stage design :
the aesthetic composition of a dramatic production as created by such aspects of stagecraft as lighting, set, costume, sound, and stage architecture and machinery. [ britannica ]

"Focus" of attention: directions (color, shape, texture)

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1. Dress in general; esp., the distinctive style of dress of a people, class, or period.

2. A character dress, used at fancy balls or for dramatic purposes. (Fashion Show credit)

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