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Theatre Sound (Stage & Costume) John A. Leonard 0713648031

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lesson 12. Sound design

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2006: pomo

Method Acting for Directors
[ previous lesson 11 ] Stage Lighting Design: A Practical Guide Lord Attenborough (Foreword), Neil Fraser 1861262485
In this volume Neil Fraser, who teaches the subject at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, provides a comprehensive guide to designing effective and appropriate stage lighting. Assuming no previous knowledge, the book guides the reader through the various aspects involved in this craft. The text is accompanied by practical exercises to encourage the reader to explore and try out the concepts discussed. These exercises are designed to allow the reader to discover the reality of what works at a technical level and at an artistic level, and can be used within a limited budget. The emphasis is on the practical, and each exercise is followed by an analysis of expected results, lessons learnt and conclusions drawn.
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Stage Lighting: Step-by-step (Stage & Costume) Graham Walters 071364639X
This text provides an introduction to the seemingly complicated and technical subject of stage lighting. It should give both the complete novice and the aspiring professional the knowledge and confidence to light their own theatrical productions. The book traces the history and development of theatre lighting. It includes a complete guide to the layout and running of a modern theatre, the location of its various parts and what each is called, the different styles of performing space, plus the various theatre personnel. When planning the lighting for a production, the lighting designer has many factors to consider, from the script, the mood and style of the piece, and the design of the set and costumes, to the nature and shape of the venue, existing lighting equipment and, of course, the budget. This book deals with all these considerations as well as providing an introduction to electrical theory and safety and its specific application within a theatre environment.

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