Spring 2007 [archive]

THR331 Fundamentals of Directing * UAF (use the back for answers) Name ___________________________ Date _________

I. Textbook (Director's Eye)

Part III. Script Analysis

1. What do we call "concept"?

2. What is "rehearsal unit"?

3. Name three structural elements in Aristotle's Poetics

Part IV. Style

1. How do you understand the statement "The production brings the action and the audience brings the memories" (141)?

2. What is the difference between style and genre?

Part V. Collaborators

1. What is "the one essential for a director" (193)?

2. What is the directorial task in casting -- artistic or/and managerial?

3. What is your (director) function in relations between cast and crew?

II. Class Projects

1. What is the "message" of the Sophocles' play "Oedipus" and the thought in your screen segment?

2. What is the difference between stage and film directing?

III. Analysis

Alternation of Character / Alternazione di Carattere

[ Dada & Futurism ]
HUSBAND: No. It is useless. It is time to finish it! I shall not deceive myself any longer because I make you cry immediately!

WIFE (crying): No! Carlo no!... come here... come here . . listen to me!...

HUSBAND (crying tenderly): Pardon me, Rosetta! Pardon me!

WIFE (enraged): For God's sake! If you don't stop with this inopportune sentimentality, I will slap you...

HUSBAND (at the height of his fury): Enough! ... or I shall hurl you out of the window...

WIFE: Darling! Darling! How much I love you! Tenderness grips my heart... give me again your delicious reprimands.

HUSBAND: Ah! Rosetta... Rosetta!... my infinite love...

WIFE (exasperated): If you repeat that another time, I will divorce you!... (Precisely.) I will divorce you!..

HUSBAND (exploding): Ah! Ah! Wretch! ... go away! ... go away! ... go away!...

WIFE: I have never loved you more sweetly!

HUSBAND: Ah! Rosetta! Rosetta! ...

WIFE: Enough ... (She slaps him.)

HUSBAND: Enough, I say. (Slaps her twice.)

WIFE (languidly): Give me your lips! Give me your lips...

HUSBAND: Here, treasure!


* How do you understand the style and genre of this scene?

* What are your ideas about staging it?