Hamlet & Hamlet2.0 : Page-Prelude for Part 5 + [R/G are Dead] Theatre UAF cut.

I try to link directing pages with show pages... to add more structure I am making "year" pages ( to mark the layers of my web-archeology ).

Yes, and the blogs. Oh, yeah, this T-BLOG.

How much does it help to understand my pages? I do not know. My concern is to keep me writing.

In order for me to go on (after my strokes), I have to lose many areas of attentions, i.e. to concentrate on most important.

Of course, my texts will never be self-explanatory. Podcast/webcast -- I even made a pahe "online" (technology is there to do it).

Ten years passed since I wanted this format of "virtual theatre" (3 Sisters, 1999), and still want to have "webshow" ...

Theatre of the Third Millennium is too new, too radical and its development will take more time than I have.


-- "Directing Public" is for stagematrix.com or some research pages.


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