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Cast UAF 2006

Vladimir -- Ben

Estragon -- Matt

Pozzo -- Rachel

Lucky -- Joe

Boy -- Gerry Berman


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Godot : shows.vtheatre.net

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lesson 20. tragic comedy

Vladimir (Didi) -- mind?

Estragon (Gogo) -- body...

or v.v? everyman --

- 6: On the Borders of Heaven and Earth: The Tragic Politics of Michel Foucault (tragedy + comedy)

from Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo: Theological Reflections on Nihilism, Tragedy, and Apocalypse Book by David Toole; Westview Press, 1998


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+ Ritual (Shaman), arch-types: Ancient and Medieval Theatre: A Historiographical Handbook by Ronald W. Vince; Greenwood Press, 1984 [ Appendix -- A REVIEW OF MEDIEVAL DRAMATIC TEXTS LATIN PLAYS IN THE CLASSICAL TRADITION ]
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Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot by Harold Bloom; Chelsea House, 1987 A Reader's Guide to Samuel Beckett by Hugh Kenner; Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973
The Death of God and the Meaning of Life by Julian Young; Routledge, 2003

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