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Independent Study (IS)
Directed individual study under an assigned faculty member. Student is responsible for submitting study proposal for approval before registration. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, junior standing. Repeatable for credit. No Maximum.

Objectives : Appentship with faculty director

Methods : notes and journal keeping, posts to virtual theatre list.

Sources : script, cast and crew egroup, textbook, conferences with an instructor.

Evaluation methods (Grading) : ATTENDANCE : a student must be present at all rehersals.
GRADES : attendance/participation & discussion -- 15%
individual rehearsals (scenes) with actors of a show -- 15%
post-production assignments -- 30%
written assignments:
Students you are required to write directorial analysis-reviews on the UAF shows of the semester when they take a course. A written critique of a production they work with a director and participation in postmorten discussion. (30%)
work with a crew (stage manager, assistent stage manager, designers) -- 10%

Individual Study : this class is for students who plan to take Senior Thesis in Directing (previously "Advanced Directions").
In depth study of functions of the director and components of the art of staging a show. Specific areas to be studied are script analysis, composition, working with actors, and organizing a production.
THR 331 Fundamentals of Direction is required.

Individual Study (IS)

director: concept (designers)


Stage Manager SM

salaries US Dept. of Labor

Auditions (thr): between director, actors, stage manager and text (dramaturg).

Preparations (with director + dramaturg): audition materials... Cold Reading and Callbacks. (also, see Theatre UF Student handbook).


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AD -- Assistant of Director

Descriptions of Production Staff Positions

What as an Assistant Director?

An Assistant Director is a key step on the way to becoming a fully-fledged Director responsible for your own productions. It means being part of the core creative team on a production and working closely with and to the Director. It can mean simply being a sounding board for ideas, keeping tabs on key moves in rehearsal and researching, or on a big production it can mean directing whole sections of the script. The director is the key figure in a theatrical production co-ordinating everything from the casting, through rehearsals to the final performance, and crucially responsible for the artistic interpretation of the play and the technical co-ordination. If itís a new play they may also spend a lot of time working with the playwright on the script and with the designer to create an overall look and feel. On larger productions they may also work with choreographers, musical directors and fight arrangers. Different directors have different ways of working and even the same director might vary their approach from play to play.


Assistant Directors

Most motion pictures have at least one assistant director (AD). The ADs assist the director in almost every task. The highest-ranking AD, called the first AD, has several duties. He or she creates the overall shooting schedule, which lists the days for filming each scene, and manages many of the day-to-day problems that arise on the set. Each day the first AD also submits the following dayís call sheet (schedule for cast and crew) to the UPM and the director for approval. And the first AD works with the director during shooting, assisting in the preparation for each shot. The second AD assists the first AD by getting the cast and crew to the right places at the right times, looking after extras (people who appear in the background to lend reality to the film), and taking care of many of the details involved in preparing for the next dayís filming.


Winter Shorts student-directed one-acts (Student Drama Association -- SDA produced)



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