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The Prompt Book holds all the information about the performance. It contains the script with all the blocking and cues. The Stage Manager keeps "The Book" and uses it to call the show. The Prompt Book also contains contact information, lists of props, rehearsal notes, everything. A production can be recreated from the information in the Prompt Book.


3 inch D- ring Binder

1 Set of (8) index tabs w/ inserts

Script enlarged to 8 X 10 justified to left margin and three-hole punched and copied to card stock.

Prompt Book Format should include:

Entrance and exit flow chart, by page to list the actors on stage in every scene and act.
Cast contact sheet, listing all personnel connected with the production.
The original or copies of the audition forms, for each of the cast members include resumes and head shots if available.
A plot progression chart, listing a general summary of the action taking place in each scene.
A production calendar, listing the due date of all activity connected with the production ( Production Manager should have this completed request a copy)
Rehearsal schedule if available from the Director. You may need to assist in creating this calendar.
Prop list from the script of all items mentioned by the text, this includes food, carry ons by scene and page for reference.
Furniture list from the script, all set furniture mentioned in the script, by scene and page for reference.
Lighting and sound cue list of all references to lights being turned on and off as well as sound effects mentioned in the script by scene and page for reference.
List miscellaneous information, location, passage of time, seasonal changes and weather conditions.
Reduction of the set, 8 X 10 copy of the ground plan, include renderings and props if being built.
Costume plot from the costume designer. This list will break down the characters by scene and plot every item that is being worn.

Tab and dividers:

The prompt book should be sectioned off with the following dividers. The information listed under format will come under these headings.

Cast information: 
Schedules and calendars 
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stage management -- blocking notation -- senior project

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