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Pretend that you are a casting director assigned to cast a major motion picture version of a play [title will be announced] we have all seen for this class. Save the program from the play for the list of roles. Choose currently popular actors that you would like to see cast for each role. Make sure that you have a back-up actor for each part in case your first choice is unavailable. Money is no object. Race or ethnicity may or may not be considered, it's up to you. Briefly explain and defend your choices. The most important thing is to demonstrate your grasp of the concept of "type" as it applies to matching actors to roles.

Hint: go to the movie section of the L.A. Times to refresh your memory about all the actors that are currently working.

How to Prepare

Organize your report using the character names in the order listed in the program. Put the character name first, then the two actors, next the type of role you think this is, followed by a brief justification of why these actors fit the type. Left-justify everything, no indenting, tabbing, or centering. No bolding, italics, or quotation marks. The only style element that comes through E-mail unscathed is CAPS, so use them to set-off roles if you want to. The only only exception to these warnings are those who have the same E-mail service I do: AOL. You guys can use any style, size, or format you want although it won't get you a better grade!


FRANK SMITH (Wesley Snipes, Denzell Washington) Leading Man: well-established "hunks" who can carry off this romantic lead.

MYRA JONES (Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman) Ingenue: young, sassy types with just the right amount of sophistication for this role.

Want even more inspiration? Check out this student's work.

Send your report to me as usual by e-mail with the following in the subject line:

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