Quizzes : There are multiple choice quizzes for each of the eighteen chapters of the textbook. You will take the quizzes online. You may retake a quiz after it is graded in order to find out the correct answers, but I will only record the first result. Quiz information is at the end of each lecture starting with Lecture #4.

Lectures : Copyrighted lectures are online at this website for study purposes by students enrolled in my class only. They may not be reproduced, redistributed, or used in any other way without permission. Lectures may be accessed from the Calendar page.

Extra Credit

Extra credit may be earned to make up for missing assignments or a low grade. You may earn extra credit by completing any or all of the following options. No more than 6 points total may be earned through extra credit. Click on the links for details.

Participate in Theatre Dept. backstage play preparation and/or ushering for 10 hours (5 points)
Write extra play reviews or film reviews. I am much more demanding when I grade extra credit reviews. Do your best job or don't bother. (3 points)
Academic Support Center, only the following activities: Technology Training for College Success Sessions, Workshops--Study Skills Seminars and Instructor Led only, Individualized ASC Classes in Technology/Writing/ESL only, (1 point each). Independent Study Center-Study Skills Videotapes (1/2 point each). Submit completion form to earn credit. 3 points maximum from LAP
Ushering for a Theatre Arts Department play will count as two hours toward #1 on this list or 1 point of extra--your choice. Double these for Dinner Theatre.
Serving as a Group Leader or Recorder. See Group Report for details. (2 points)
Listen to NPR's American Stages and take quizzes on material. Click here for details. (1 point each episode)

Homework Assignments
See Calendar for due dates
Internet Assignment

Play Review Clipping

T.V. Reviewers

Actor Report

Movie Genres



Group Theatre Report

Play/Film Reviews 
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