Movie Genres
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You have now learned that the stories that are told by playwrights and screenwriters may be classified according to a literary genre. These classifications include:
For each of these genres name a different movie that you have seen that you feel is a pure example of it. You must then explain how each of the six films meet the criteria of its genre. Be sure to pick movies that you have seen and not just heard about. Otherwise it may be difficult to cite specific elements to prove your argument that it belongs to one genre and no other.

By the way, no fair picking Shakespeare plays made into movies for #1. Try to find an example of modern tragedy. Tragicomedy is the hardest. Study its definition very carefully before using just any movie with sad and happy parts as an example. It's much more specific than that!

Click here to see an example paper.

Some students find that using a database like IMDb helps them to locate good examples.

How to Prepare

Organize your report using the six genres I have listed in the same order as above. Be succint, but make sure you have made your case--I think about 300 words total is probably enough. Remember that e-mail is the easiest format, but it's not very flexible. Don't get too fancy, left-justify everything, avoid indenting, tabbing, or centering. Avoid bolding, italics, or quotation marks. The only style element that comes through e-mail unscathed is CAPS, so use them to set-off titles and headings if you want to.

Send your report to me as usual by e-mail with the following in the subject line:

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