Floor/Ground Plan Exercises

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If the page is a problem, go for a mirror page at Floor Plan Exercises at Tripod (Film Site)

Move figures around (on your right, stage left.
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That's right I didn't update this page. I am not that advanced in webbing; maybe somebody else can develop online floor plan exercises. If you have it or saw, let me know -- I would like to use it! Anatoly

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Forms (film)

Must read Designers and Stage Manager(SM) pages!

See and do the floor plan exer. first! All 9 squares should be used!

Director and Directing pages in Theatre Theory directory.

Space and Time in Theatre.

Chronotope + Chronotope for Actors in Biomechanics.

StageMatrix (overview) *

Files from (new) DOC directory (handouts) -- print for class!

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Notes for Part III: STAGING

In the Spring 2003 I made this page for mise-en-scene practice, but do it in class with 3D models, or on paper.

I Film Directing we spend a lot of time on storyboarding; I recommend stage directors to learn this technique -- you do not have to story your show "shot-by-shot," but all good directors do use drawings. "Visualization"! In directing everything goes, as long as your cast and crew can get it fast.


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