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2008 : the introductory directing course, StageMatrix is organized around the five steps that all directors use: analyzing and researching the play, casting, rehearsing actors, organizing mise-en-scenes, self-evaluation, and finally the showcase, director's notebook.

2007 -- uaonline.alaska.edu 38858 THR F393 F01 F UAF College of Liberal Arts College Mon. 03:30 pm-06:30 pm 01/16-05/11
Using a combination of masterclasses, examples, exercises, guides and tools this course provide you with the core principles in how to direct plays.

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2007 THR 332 - Stage Directing (Mon 3:30-6:30pm) + THR221 Intermediate Acting (TR 11.30-1.00)
Final scenes -- two classes together on stage.

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http://www.danillitphil.com/base.html Chapter Eleven: Directing Theatre by Debra Bruch

http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/spanl301/page6.html VI- Directing

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Francis Hodge Play Directing : Analysis, Communication, Style

Seven Major Areas of Play-Analysis :

1) Given Circumstances, the foundation of the playscript 
    1. Geographical location--the exact place (which includes climate)
      2. Date--year, season, time of day
      3. Economic environment--class level, state of wealth or poverty
      4. Political environment
      5. Social environment
      6. Regious environment 
     They are deeply rooted in Previous Actions and the resulting polar attitude at the beginning of the play
                Previous Actions
                Polar Attitude
2) Dialogue, the Facade of the Playscript :
     Dialogue Is Action ; Dialogue Is in Verse or Prose ; Dialogue Is Inner Language
3) Dramatic Action : the clash of forces in a play--the continuous conflict between characters
       Acting is the how ; action is the what. 
       All action Is Reciprocal : All action forces counter-action, or action in two directions with adjustments in between
     The Divisions of Action : French Scenes
     Finding and Labeling the Action : Use Active Verbs
        A shames ; B ignores ; A pleads ; B softens ; A begs; B rejecys
4) Characters evolve through Actions
5) Ideas
6) Tempos
7) Moods
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